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The workshop is currently open and supervised most Saturdays 11 AM to 6PM. Check Facebook for updates.
Members may use the workshop and equipment for a $5 daily fee. There is no charge for socializing or using the library.

  • 5 jeweler's workstations with Foredom flexshafts
  • 3 soldering stations
  • 4 cabbing machines
  • 5 flat laps
  • 4 rock saws
  • 2 trim saws
  • 1 lapidary band saw
  • 2 jewelry kilns
  • 2 lampworking (glass) torches
  • Casting equipment
  • Chasing & repousee hammers and chisels
  • Library
  • More to come...




Demonstrations are usually scheduled for the last Saturday of the month. They usually begin at 1 pm during open shop time and last 2 to 3 hours. There is no charge for attending demonstrations. The methods shown are quite unique, and yes, you can do this all in our shop!

  • Reticulation, Keum-Bo, Mokume Gane

    January 27, 2018
    Reticulation is widely used to create textured surfaces; a special 80% silver alloy is heat treated (depletion guilded) to bring fine silver to the surface of the sheet metal, then fired at a higher temperature to wrinkle/crinkle the sheet!
    Keum-Bo is an ancient oriential method of applying a very thing sheet of gold, usually cut into an attractive shape (fleur-de-lis, hear, cross, etc.) and applied to a sliver back plate! Quite different and a great method for applying a very small amount of gold to enhance a silver piece.
    Mokume Game is a bit of a takeoff on the ancient Japanese swords inlay variety of different metals. Layers of contrasting color metals are stacked, alternating the sheets of color, fused, then scratched, drilled, and otherwise altered to bring the contrasting colors to the metal surface to create a wood-grain-like color surface. May include silver, copper, brass, and various gold colors. Currently wedding bands done in mokume gane are the hottest jewelry item in demand.

  • Argentium Silver and Granulation

    February 24, 2018
    Argentium is a sterling silver with a small amount of the basic element Germanium added to reduce tarnishing. Argentium is currently labelled, by Federal Law, as 930, rather than the 925 of sterling. It has the great property of easily being fused together. More interestingly, other metals such as copper, brass, and gold (above 18 kt.) can be fused to it. The effects of silver filing and granules, copper granules, and gold filings and granules will be demonstrated.

  • Filigree Jewelry

    April 28, 2018
    A quick overview of some of the techniques of filigree. Including: how to make the wire, how to make use of "twist plates," layouts, and soldering with granular solder.

  • Enameling

    May 26, 2018
    This will be a short introduction to enameling with glass enamels over copper and silver. Certainly a great way to enhance your work by adding color!




Contact Tom Stringfellow - - with questions or to book your spot.

Classes run from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays and 11 AM to 5 PM Sundays on designated days unless changed by instructor. Club members may not use the occupied workshop area when classes are occurring.

  • Wire Wrapping

    $25 ~ 1 day ~ March 31, 2018
    Instructor: Tom Stringfellow
    Quick, Easy, Inexpensive; NO soldering needed.  We will work in"NuGold"(Red Brass). Our first pieces will be pendants. Basic methods will be stressed. Further embellishment will be individual. Two excellent texts will be available and are recommended: Wire Wrap by Chandler & Ritchey and Wirework by Armstrong. All tools and supplies included.  4 - 6 students.

  • Stone Setting 

    $165 ~ 2 days ~ April 14 & 15, 2018
    Instructor: Tom Stringfellow
    Starting with prong set, we will initiate our adventures into stone setting! Then tube set, and finally flush set! We will not be making a piece, but learning how we can add faceted stones to your future work. All tools and supplies are included. Bring your binocular magnifying glasses, if you have them.

  • Beginning Silversmithing

    $165 ~ 2 days
    Instructor: Tom Stringfellow
    A great opportunity to learn the basics:  learn to solder and use the metalsmith’s torch, familiarization and use of the flex shaft, jeweler’s saw and other basic tools.  We will make a bezel set stone jewelry piece in sterling silver.  All tools and supplies included. 4 - 6 students.

  • Beading

    $165 ~ 2 days
    Instructor: Kevynne Shorey
    We will start with the basic stringing technique, and then move to "chaining" and "bali wrap" to make earrings, followed by a bracelet or necklace. On our second day we will address two strand, or multi-strand necklaces using chaining or bali-wrap. We will start with 8 mm beads. A 16 inch strand of 8 mm beads (or about 100 beads) are needed.  This class will be taught by Kevynne Shorey from Shannon's Beading Basket in Longview, TX. All tools and supplies included, except beads. We will have a large selection of beads available for you to choose from and purchase for your own project. You are welcome to bring  your own beads, but they must be around 8 mm.

  • Cabbing

    $100 ~ 2 days
    Instructor: Del Glasner
    Turn that interesting rock you found into a gorgeous gemstone…..or at least one that you will always treasure!  We will saw out slabs of rock into special shapes, then grind, and polish two or three "cabs" using a "Flat Lap".  All tools and supplies included. 3 - 6 students.

  • Chainmaille

    $85 ~ 2 days
    Instructor: Suzan Chapman
    There is a myriad of chain-making patterns! We will introduce you to two: Full Persian, making a Cross, and Queen's Braid, making a necklace. Time permitting we will make more. Students will receive a list of necessary tools and materials to bring to class. 4 - 6 students.

  • Chasing and Repoussé

    $125 ~ 2 days
    Instructor: Tom Stringfellow
    One of the oldest and most popular jewelry making methods. It can really set off your gemstones in an amazing manner! Using a light weight hammer and small, shaped chisels we will raise, lower, and texture our metals' surface to create a three dimensional piece (pendant, pin, bracelet, or belt buckle). All tools and copper supplied; silver will be available. 3 - 4 students.

  • Contemporary / Unique Casting Methods

    $90 ~ 2 days
    We will cast over Pine Straw, Tufa, Cuttlebone, and Beans!!!!  Straw casting produces unusual shapes which can be incorporated into jewelry or decorated with small cabs and cut stones.  Tufa casting is highly prized among the SouthWest and Native American jewelry items.  Casting in Tufa (a volcanic rock) produces a pleasing, soft granular surface texture.  Cuttlebone is the shell of a marine creature; it provides a dramatic texture in cast pieces.  Casting over dried beans, like straw casting, gives another gorgeous texture to silver pieces.  Bring your own silver.  You will need about three ounces; it can be scrap, old silverware, etc.  All tools and supplies included, except silver.

  • Enameling with Glass Enamels

    $150 ~ 2 days
    COLOR-COLOR-COLOR!!!   If Faberge’ could please Czar Nicholas with this method, YOU can please yourself and friends!! Using copper (or Fine Silver) we will make several trial pieces for familiarization …. Then the real piece!  Fine grains of glass will be applied over the clean metal, metal patterns/cloisonnes  added, then the glass enamel colors to suit you.  Firing in the kiln will fuse the enamels to the metal base.  Inclusions of glass lumps and metal bits can jazz things up even more!  All tools and supplies included.

  • Introduction to Flame Worked Beads

    $100 ~ 1 day
    Using an inexpensive  setup from Hobby Lobby (about $35.00)  and glass rods, we will make:

    • Basic Bead, one color
    • Two color bead, adding eyes or spots
    • Rainbow with up to six colors

    This is strictly an introductory course in flame working, which is often termed “offhand torch work.” For those students who wish to progress further,  follow-up sessions will be arranged.   All tools and supplies included.

  • Introduction to the Metal Clays

    $165 ~ 2 days
    Instructor: Tom Stringfellow
    We’ll explore the qualities of copper, bronze, silver, and glass clays.  Each has its own character and charm.  This is a newer method for making jewlery; it simplifies and is far faster than the older method of lost wax casting and fabrication. We will have use of an extensive collection of stamping tools to quickly produce intricate designs that would normally take hours to hand craft.  We can make pendants, charms, rings, and more as time permits.  All tools and supplies are included. 4 - 6 students.

  • Glass Fusing

    $120 ~ 2 days
    GLASS IS MAGIC!!  Discover the differences in glasses and what they can do.  Learn to make jewelry items with colored, textured, dichroic glass, and glass powders and frits using the kiln.  COLOR IS THE KEY HERE!!  Minimal cost; maximum effect.  All tools and supplies are included.

  • Handmade Chains - Channel Weave Chainmaille

    $120 ~ 1 day
    Channel Weave is a basic Chainmaille’ design that is embellished with a variety of enhancing ornamentations, usually faceted crystals or beads of semi-precious stones.  Depending upon materials used a bracelet, or necklace, can range from a nice piece for everyday wear to something very appropriate for a special night out, the opera, or even a wedding.    We will make a bracelet; our weave will incorporate your choice of a variety of 6 mm beads and a choice of metal in Silver Fill, Copper, or Brass.  All tools and supplies included.

  • Lost Wax Carving

    $50 ~ 4 days
    Instructors: Tom Stringfellow & Del Glasner
    Wax carving can produce high quality, intricate pieces. Fabrication and wax work are the basics of jewelry making. It takes time and attention to create the wax form the will be cast in silver, gold, or other metal. Yes, one can purchase ready-made wax models, but will they carry your ideas, inspirations, dreams, or originality? We will meet over three Saturdays, with Tom, to learn the techniques and produce your ideas in wax. Then, Del will give us a hand in casting our pieces on the last Saturday. We will cast in sterling silver. All tools and supplies are included. Sterling silver grain will be available for purchase.

  • Lost Wax Casting

    $120 ~2 days
    Instructor: Del Glasner
    Lost wax casting allows you to carve and shape your original piece in wax getting as intricate, detailed, and imagined as you wish….then casting your piece in silver or gold.  You can purchase ready-made wax models, then size and improve them, short-cutting  the carving stage. Silver will be available for purchase or bring your own (Sterling Silver). Recommended text: A Gemcutter's Handbook, Cabachon Cutting by Cox. 3 - 6 students.


Other classes are possible with adequate student interest!

Beading for Children, Chasing & Repousee, Enameling with Resins, Etching, Faceting, Filigree, Invertebrate Paleontology, Knapping, Polymer Clay Jewelry, Shell Carving, and More!


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