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The workshop is currently open and supervised most Saturdays 11 AM to 6PM. Check Facebook for updates.
Members may use the workshop and equipment for a $5 daily fee. There is no charge for socializing or using the library.

  • 5 jeweler's workstations with Foredom flexshafts
  • 3 soldering stations
  • 4 cabbing machines
  • 5 flat laps
  • 4 rock saws
  • 2 trim saws
  • 1 lapidary band saw
  • 2 jewelry kilns
  • 2 lampworking (glass) torches
  • Casting equipment
  • Chasing & repousee hammers and chisels
  • Library
  • More to come...




Demonstrations are usually scheduled for the last Saturday of the month. They usually begin at 1 pm during open shop time and last 2 to 3 hours. There is no charge for attending demonstrations. The methods shown are quite unique, and yes, you can do this all in our shop!

  • TORCH CONTROL. SOLDERING. GRANULATION, ANNEALING, Etc. (Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018)  Does use of the torch frighten/stress you?  This demonstration can give you the solutions and methodology for your concerns!  Learn to solder, using eight different melting points of solder with silver and red brass ('NuGold'). Then learn how to fuse two metal pieces without using solder!! Enjoy the enchantment of making granules of silver, copper, and gold for your work and fusing them to silver!  Annealing: learn this simple, yet too often overlooked in critical work that requires  your metal to be 'softened'.  Depletion Guilding: a handy technique for getting a fine silver surface on sterling  silver, as required for enameling.

  • PATINA'S:  (Saturday, Feb 23, 2019)  A simple method to provide dimension/shading to enhance your piece. We will use Jack Black, Liver of Sulfur,Ammonia, and others to give effect on Silver,Copper, or Brass. Coatings to protect your patinas will also be covered (Renaissance Wax & Lacquer).

  • METAL FOLD FORMING:  (Saturday,July 27, 2019)  Just a bit of a 'different' metal technique!! The Metal is folded: singly, multiply, in a tee-shape,folded back on itself, etc.  Often textured and/or roll-milled to produce even more unique designs.  Probably the commonest design is to cut out a leaf shape and fold it lengthwise to make a midrib, then opened up, retaining the line effect.  Pioneered by the Canadian, Charles Lewton-Brain who is actively pursuing this unique fun.




Contact Tom Stringfellow - - with questions or to book your spot.

Classes run from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays and 11 AM to 5 PM Sundays on designated days unless changed by instructor. Club members may not use the occupied workshop area when classes are occurring.

  • WIRE WRAP: (Saturday, Oct 27, 2018)   We will make pendants. If you have special stones you want to wrap, please bring them.  I will have a selection you can chose from. This is a quick and easy method to mount your field trip items and other special'finds'. All tools and supplies are included.  $25.00. One day class with Tom Stringfellow and an assistant. Four students minimum; six maximum.

  • A SIMPLE, ELEGANT STERLING SILVER BRACELET: (Saturday, Nov. 17,2018)  We will make a simple,yet elegant sterling silver cuff bracelet.....just in time for the Christmas Season !!! (You could make one for YOU,and one for a GIFT!) We'll size the bracelet, trim it, emboss it, and shape it to your wrist (or the gift receiver's wrist). Keeping it simple! Extra silver will be available to make a second bracelet. All tools and supplies are included. $45.00. One day class with Tom Stringfellow.  Two students minimum; six maximum.

  • BEADING: (Saturday & Sunday,Jan. 26 & 27, 2019) There will be a quick review of basic stringing technique, for any beginners. We'll then move on to making a beaded necklace with a pendant and making your own beaded chain for the pendant.  Please bring a pendant piece to use. Time permitting  we will look at the various methods of multi-strand necklaces and make a "Faux Triple Strand" necklace. Day two will continue with the multi-strand traditional triple strand and non-traditional two strand. The Club has an excellent collection of beads for your use and the instructor will have additional for purchase. Laura's beads and beading pieces are quite unique!  All tools and supplies included.  $125.00. Two day class with Laura McWilliams.  Four students minimum: six maximum.

  • CONCHO/STONE PENDANT: (Saturday & Sunday, March 30 & 31, 2019) Using turquoise or your choice of cabs, we will create a stoneset, Southwest Style silver pendant. Employing a large assortment of metal stamps and punches you will design your piece. The stamps/punches can be touched onto a black ink stamp pad, then printed onto your paper cutout concho pattern, leaving space for the stone cab. You can play with several paper patterns, experimenting with different design ideas. After selecting your choice of designs, you can then execute your piece, stamping first, then bezel setting or prong setting your stone. All tools and supplies included. $150.00. Two day class with Tom Stringfellow.  Two students minimum; four maximum.

  • ENAMELING  FOR BEGINNERS:  (Saturday & Sunday, April 27 & 28, 2019) Enameling is simply the application of powdered, colored glass (transparent & non-transparent) to a metal background....usually copper or fine silver. The MANY diversified and UNIQUE methods of enameling add great color and definition to your pieces. It made Faberge' work, world renouned!  We will work in copper, starting with pre-made copper leaves, adding design and color. Use of the glass powders will be jazzed up with inclusion of glass threads & floral millefiori, foils,frits, threads, and wafers!  We WILL keep this class SIMPLE!! There are many methods of enameling,some quite involved....but, we will leave them for you to challenge later........   All tools and supplies included.   $160.00.  Two day class with Tom Stringfellow.  Four students minimum and maximum.

  • FILIGREE FUN !!!!!: (Saturday & Sunday,June 29 & 30, 2019) Some say Filigree Jewelry is "Too Intricate for ME!"   Not so, really quite simple, once you have the right tools and metals and just a bit of help!!         We will make at least two pieces; for our learning curve, we will start with two designs (one a heart pendant and the other a circle pendant).  Frames for both will be prepared by the instructor before the class to facilitate time for you to learn to make the wire, and use the filigree jig plate to create the 'fillers'. Small cabs of stones such as Lapis can be added as you wish,if we have time!!    All tools and supplies included $145. Two day class with Tom Stringfellow. Two students minimum, four maximum.


 Other classes are possible with adequate student interest!

Based upon requests and instructor availability. Contact Tom Stringfellow at for help. Some possibilities are: Faceting Stones, Chasing & Repousse, Polymer Clay for Jewelry, Stone Setting, Precious Metal Clay, Chain-Making, and more.


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